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The wonders of Romagna

Tenuta Villa Trentola stands on Cesubeo Hill, that of present-day Bertinoro, in a marvelous landscape of green hills, cereal fields, olive groves and vineyards.


40 hectares

The property covers 40 hectares of land

20 hectares  vineyard

most of which are dedicated to Sangiovese di Romagna, which represents the heart of the estate's wines


The estate has belonged to the Prugnoli family since 1890, when grandfather Enrico bought it from the Conti Gaddi

since 2002

first vintage of production, the estate has changed its image


Bragging I'll say word: the wine drives me, the mad wine, that makes even the wisest man sing, and makes him laugh softly and compels him to dance, and draws out word, which is better unspoken.


Since 1890 from generation to generation the love for this land and the art of "making" wine has been handed down.

I nostri vigneti
I nostri vigneti

The panorama

Due to its exceptional panoramic position, the estate is among the symbolic places of classic Romagna hospitality.

La nostra Cantina

Our Products

Il Moro

Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C.

Ultimo Atto

Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. Superiore

Il Prugnolo

Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. Superiore

Il Vizietto

Chardonnay IGT


Romagna DOCG Albana Dolce


Vino Bianco


Tenuta Villa Trentola has a long history that speaks above all of family and dedication; it is located among the green hills of Bertinoro and has belonged to the Prugnoli family since 1890. Since then, from generation to generation, the art of making wine has been handed down, the hard work, but above all the love for this beautiful land. The estate covers 40 hectares, 20 of which are planted with organic vines. The vineyards are pampered by the sun and caressed by the wind that comes from the Riviera Romagnola.

Federica and her sisters, Elisabetta and Maria Pia, run the estate carrying on the knowledge that has been handed down to them. Each wine has its own character, and describing it is like talking about people: the kinder and accommodating one, the shyer and more introverted one, but still they all make themselves loved!

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