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Tenuta Villa Trentola has a long history that speaks above all of family and dedication; it is located among the green hills of Bertinoro and has belonged to our family since 1890. Since then, from generation to generation the art of making wine, the hard work but above all the love for our beautiful land has been handed down.

Emma_Nonno copia.jpg
Enrico Prugnoli and Emma Domeniconi Prugnoli, our roots, our future.

The story of Tenuta Villa Trentola starts from afar and takes on the contours of a fairy tale:


"Once upon a time there were three little girls, who grew up in a wonderful, generous land, ready to offer all its haves, its riches, its environmental nuances, its aromas combined with perfumes. A land with a soul made of ancient flavors and set in a natural hilly amphitheater, where earth and sky meet illuminated by the same light, where the vineyards seem to be pampered by the sun and caressed by the wind."


These maidens are now adults and bear the names Federica, Elisabetta and Maria Pia.


They are the daughters of Dr. Enrico Prugnoli, who inherited "Tenuta Villa Trentola" from his father, who, in turn, received it from his grandfather Enrico. The latter had bought it  in 1890 and, being a wine lover, had then passed on to his son the art of winemaking, the habit of sustaining the hard work and, above all, the love and dedication necessary to obtain the precious product.


The Prugnoli Family boasts a heraldic coat of arms in which the warrior's helmet, reminiscent of the medieval period, surmounts plums: a typical fruit of this land from which, most likely, they borrow their surname.

Stemma Araldico Prugnoli

"Tenuta Villa Trentola" has a modern basement cellar, which can be admired from the huge windows overlooking a raised garden next to an old building, where the wine production facilities are located.


The winery spreads over a vocated land, where some 20 hectares of vineyard with the grapes from which the wines are made make a fine display. Annual production is about 50,000 bottles.

A tasting room is located in the farmhouse, adjacent to the winery.

Due to its exceptional panoramic location, the estate is among the symbolic places of classic Romagnola hospitality.

The Family

Once upon a time there were three little girls who grew up in a marvelous, generous land, ready to offer all its haves, its riches, its nuances, its aromas and perfumes, its soul and its knowledge. In this hillside amphitheater where earth and sky seem to be one light, where the vineyards are pampered by the sun and gently caressed by the wind, stands "Tenuta Villa Trentola."

Federica Prugnoli
Elisabetta Prugnoli
Maria Pia Prugnoli
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